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La Biosthetique History

La Biosthetique was found in the early 1950s in Paris. This is when the biochemist Marcel Contier developed the sensationally innovative “Culture of Total Beauty”, a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, high-quality products, and scientifically proven research that La Biosthetique still prides itself on today. La Biosthetique Paris’s holistic concept boasts a number of products and services that are in harmony with the environment not only for perfect beauty, but also for sustainability.

Over the last five decades, Siegfried Weiser, President and Owner of La Biosthetique, has pursued and expanded the values and business of the company: focusing on the quality of the products crafted from natural, high-quality, raw materials and intensive research. La Biosthetique believes in subjecting all our products to the strictest tolerability and efficacy tests laboratories offer, entirely without testing on animals, to ensure the products’ highest performance. Thanks to the unique and intensive education concept offered to those training with La Biosthetique, the estheticians that work with La Biosthetique acquire advance knowledge and specialized skills to conduct expert execution of styling.

The signature, “Made in Germany”, that marks each product is a promise La Biosthetique makes to its customers to ensure the highest quality product. Our European culture and values reflect the perspective of lifestyle, fashion, art, history, and perfectionism the company upholds. We believe in a respectful balance of profit, environmental responsibility, and fostering growth of employees.


For over sixty years we’ve focused on research, production, and the quality of our own facilities in order to express our distinctive standards in quality, style, and spirit that we think is so important in a successful company and product. To us, quality means outperforming even the strictest European regulations, it means proving results in clinical trials – like the test at the Dermatological University Clinic in Lubeck on 200 post-cancer patients – it means not only using renewable energy from the wind and sun for our offices and factories, but also to reduce waste in production and use eco-friendly cleaning detergents for production machines. It means to be responsible. In addition to all of this, we have also strictly forbidden the use of artificial fragrances and colors or genetically modified ingredients in our products.

Every day we push ourselves further, attempting to use more than 60% naturally derived ingredients, molecules from plant, non-petroleum minerals, and other sources. Five years ago we started collaborating with European Post Services to adopt a zero impact (carbon neutral) policy for the delivery of our products from our warehouse to our salons and spas. The carbon dioxide emissions generated by the delivery of our products in Europe are offset by the protection and reforestation of nature reserves in Costa Rica. We are proud to use only post-consumer recycled packaging for all of our products in hair care, skincare, make-up, and color.

La Biosthetique does not settle for what is expected – we insist on going above and beyond. Without our planet, our products could not exist. We believe it is our duty to protect and respect the Earth in order to maintain our environmentally ethical business. For more information visit the La Biosthetique site.